Dolly Kitty and Those Shining Stars (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Dolly Kitty and Those Shining Stars (2019)

A disillusioned Delhi wife (Dolly), and her new-in-town cousin (Kitty), navigate damning secrets, dreams and their thorny dynamic on their ...
Samurai Marathon (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Samurai Marathon (2019)

When feudal lord Itakura Katsuakira decides to prepare his samurai troops for the onslaught of modernization by having them compete in a ...
Get In (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Get In (2019)

Nov. 06, 2019

Get In (2019)

Paul Diallo, a history teacher, lives a quiet life with his wife and kid. During summertime, he lends his house to his son’s babysitter and her ...
Thicker Than Water (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Thicker Than Water (2019)

It has been a year since Paige and Nathan Petrovic tragically lost their teenage son Zach. Nathan and daughter Addie have slowly been putting ...
Only the Animals (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Only the Animals (2019)

A woman has disappeared. The day after a snowstorm, her car is found on a road leading to a plateau with with nothing but a few scattered farms. ...
Cencoroll Connect (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Cencoroll Connect (2019)

Student Yuki has never seen one of the giant monsters she always hears about on the news and that threaten her city. But when she meets the ...
David Bowie: Finding Fame (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

David Bowie: Finding Fame (2019)

Nakon sada već povijesnog filma iz 2013. godine Pet godina (koji se bavi Bowiejevim kreativnim vrhuncem od Ziggyja Stardusta do…
The Gift Online Sa Prevodom

The Gift

Dec. 27, 2019

The Gift

Serija prati Atiye, mladu i lijepu slikaricu koja vodi savršen život u Istanbulu. Ima ljupku porodicu, bogatog i simpatičnog momka, a uskoro ...
Close to the Horizon (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Close to the Horizon (2019)

Jessica knows exactly what her life is supposed to look like and where it takes her. But then she meets Danny. He has a complicated past and ...
Idol (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Idol (2019)

Mar. 20, 2019

Idol (2019)

In this political thriller, a politician finds his wife in the garage. She is cleaning her son’s bloodstained car, which has just run over ...
Into the Labyrinth (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Into the Labyrinth (2019)

Toplotni val nadvladava sve prisiljavajući ljude da mijenjaju način života: samo u noćnim satima moguće je raditi, kretati se…
Isadora’s Children (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Isadora’s Children (2019)

Following the death of her two children, Isadora Duncan created the solo Mother in which a mother cradles her child in a moment of extreme ...
The Usurper Online Sa Prevodom

The Usurper

Sep. 02, 2019

The Usurper

Nakon što je saznala za postojanje identične sestre bliznakinje, Paola Miranda, prva dama Meksika, primorava Paulinu Doriju, mladu Kolumbijku da ...
Go Back to China (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Go Back to China (2019)

When party girl Sasha Li blows through most of her trust fund, she is cut off by her father and forced to go back to China and work for the ...
Dopunska nastava (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Dopunska nastava (2019)

Bijesni, svježe rastavljeni otac, upada u razred svoje devetogodišnje kćerke kako bi zajedno proslavili njen rođendan. Talačku krizu koju ovaj ...
No Mercy (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

No Mercy (2019)

Jan. 01, 2019

No Mercy (2019)

A woman seeks to take revenge when her younger sister disappears and she finds out that her sister suffered violence and sexual abuse from school ...
The Wall Online Sa Prevodom

The Wall

Dec. 12, 2019

The Wall

U Fermonu, malom rudarskom mjestu, pronađen je leš mlade striptizete. Policija Kvebeka šalje detektivku Selin, iskusnog profesionalca, da istraži ...
Tito (2019) Online Sa Prevodom

Tito (2019)

Mar. 08, 2019

Tito (2019)

A desperate man seeks refuge from the predators hunting him by befriending a cheerful intruder.