With the Wind (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

With the Wind (2018)

An isolated farm in a remote part of the Jura region: this is where Pauline and Alex are living in complete self-sufficient harmony with nature. ...
Vox Lux (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Vox Lux (2018)

In 1999, teenage sisters Celeste and Eleanor survive a seismic, violent tragedy. The sisters compose and perform a song about their experience, ...
Sunburn (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Sunburn (2018)

During the hot, sweltering summer, Mike, a young American tourist goes looking for his missing friend in an isolated Spanish village. Here, he ...
Mali (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Mali (2018)


Mali (2018)

Četiri godine zatvora nisu promijenile Franju. On je diler. Supruga mu umire, a njezini roditelji žele ga prikazati kao nesposobnog roditelja i ...
Menocchio the Heretic (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Menocchio the Heretic (2018)

Italy, late 16th century, the Church, threatened by the Protestants, unleashes the Inquisition. Menocchio, an old, stubborn, self-educated miller ...
Head Full of Honey (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Head Full of Honey (2018)

Radnja ove emotivne drame prati starijeg čovjeka kojeg portretira Nick Nolte koji je nakon smrti svoje supruge postao žrtva..
Sócrates (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Sócrates (2018)

Nakon iznenadne smrti majke, 15-godišnji Socrates mora da samostalno živi život na marginama São Paula i izbori se s svojom…
Dark Figure of Crime (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Dark Figure of Crime (2018)

Napeta priča o žestokoj psihološkoj konfrontaciji između detektiva i ubojice koji je priznao više ubojstava. [filmovisruba]
The Quietude (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

The Quietude (2018)

Against the backdrop of a military dictatorship, Eugenia is reunited with her estranged family following her father’s stroke and is forced to ...
Simmba (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Simmba (2018)

A corrupt police officer enjoys all the perks of being an immoral and unethical police officer until an event which transforms his life ...
Michael Inside (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Michael Inside (2018)

18-godišnjak živi u Dablinu, ali je uhvaćen kako čuva dogu za starijeg brata svog prijatelja. Osuđen je na tri meseca…
A Kid Like Jake (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

A Kid Like Jake (2018)

Par iz Brooklyna pokušava naći pravi vrtić za svog četverogodišnjeg sina koji se više voli odijevati kao princeza nego G. I. Joe…
Why Don’t You Just Die! (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Why Don’t You Just Die! (2018)

Andrey, a detective and the world’s most horrible father, brings together a terrible group of people in his apartment: his resentful ...
Land of Hope (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Land of Hope (2018)

Anni, a daughter of a wealthy family and used to secure life, falls in love with Veikko, a war invalid of the Continuation War. Anni leaves her ...
Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (2018)

Titu is going to marry a perfect woman named Sweety. Titu’s best-friend Sonu doubts Sweety’s character and tries to break the ...
Battalion (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Battalion (2018)

Nakon što je izbio rat protiv došljaka s drugog sveta, ekipa tek regrutovanih marinaca poslata je na prvu liniju fronta, na južni…
Bonehill Road (2018) Online Sa Prevodom

Bonehill Road (2018)

A young couple become stranded in the woods where they encounter a werewolf and a house of horrors.