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Trilogy of Terror (1975) Online Sa Prevodom

Trilogy of Terror (1975)

A horror anthology containing three stories: a female college professor is aggressively pursued by one of her students; a prudish brunette ...
The Love Letter (1998) Online Sa Prevodom

The Love Letter (1998)

Nakon što u antikvarnici kupi sto iz 19. veka, Skot Karigan u njemu otkriva tajni pretinac gde zatiče jedno ljubavno pismo koje…
Dracula (1974) Online Sa Prevodom

Dracula (1974)

Jun. 13, 1974

Dracula (1974)

Dracula is searching for a woman who looks like his long dead wife.
Burnt Offerings (1976) Online Sa Prevodom

Burnt Offerings (1976)

A couple and their 12-year-old son move into a giant house for the summer. Things start acting strange almost immediately. It seems that every ...