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Dragons Forever (1988) Online Sa Prevodom

Dragons Forever (1988)

Jackie Chan stars as a hot-shot lawyer hired by a Hong Kong chemical plant to dispose of opposition to their polluting ways. But when he falls ...
So Close (2002) Online Sa Prevodom

So Close (2002)

May. 14, 2002

So Close (2002)

A conflict of interest between two high-kicking assassin sisters is complicated as they’re pursued by the criminals who hired them and an ...
X-Men (2000) Online Sa Prevodom

X-Men (2000)

Jul. 13, 2000

X-Men (2000)

Two mutants, Rogue and Wolverine, come to a private academy for their kind whose resident superhero team, the X-Men, must oppose a terrorist ...
The Enforcer (1995) Online Sa Prevodom

The Enforcer (1995)

Mar. 02, 1995

The Enforcer (1995)

An undercover cop struggling to provide for his son and ailing wife, must infiltrate a ruthless gang. But things turn sour when another cop blows ...
The Twins Effect II (2004) Online Sa Prevodom

The Twins Effect II (2004)

Set in Flower Capital, a land ruled by an Evil Queen. All men in the kingdom are slaves to women. However, a prophecy foretells that one day, the ...
The Transporter (2002) Online Sa Prevodom

The Transporter (2002)

Frenk Martin je najbolji u onome sto radi: transport opasne i nelegalne robe bez postavljanja suvisnih pitanja. Ali njegov poslednji tovar, ...
No Retreat, No Surrender (1986) Online Sa Prevodom

No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)

Mladi Džejson Silvel se sa roditeljima doseljava u Sijetl. Lokalni nasilnici počinju da ih maltretiraju. Džejsonov otac Tom ne veruje da nasilje ...